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Author Topic: Dyson DC08 - Why you should NOT use a Dyson for DIY  (Read 6789 times)

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Dyson DC08 - Why you should NOT use a Dyson for DIY
« on: November 16, 2013, 08:22:52 pm »
All the signs were there...

1 lone filthy ebay picture
Massive extension currently being built on the house
People too naive for their own good

Still, for £13.50 I found myself owning a DC08 Turbobrush, without the turbobrush  ;D

Still had the promo book attached, although it's a bit tatty. Cut it off and added it to my paperwork collection!

Hardly used

Never used. Mateys wife came down the stairs beforeI left and handed them to me, the whole cassette had not been fitted

I checked the filters



They'd clogged it to so quickly the filter wasn't dirty!

However, with the cyclone attached it instantly pings the release valve open. And blows out a metric ton of dust

So I stripped it down



Every single one of these was blocked either this side or the other!

Couldn't be doing with that, and after stripping it down it would have been a waste of time re-assembling it to see if it works, so I ran it through the wash

Dyson and Hoover share drying space by the rad!

Then I turned around

Well, may as well!

These were a buggar to get out

What's this little clear tube for?



Needless to say, everything is now washed, the motor is spotless and is currently letting a few drops of oil soak into the top bearing. Then,when it;s dry it can all go back together and I can use it for the first time!
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Re: Dyson DC08 - Why you should NOT use a Dyson for DIY
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2013, 02:03:44 am »
When I have sorted out my de Stijl i think I am going to buy another cylinder, my friend won me my DC11 off ebay for about 28 pounds. The seller advertised it as refurbished but turbo head does not work. I was worrying because them turbo heads aren't cheap even second hand, so I stripped it down to component parts as you do!! Well if that machine had been refurbished then I am sir James Dyson.

It stunk of damp and was really really blocked up. It was an exciting challenge though as I have worked/messed about with dyson's since I was about 10 years old possibly younger, but I had never touched a cylinder.

The filters had been washed and smelt of some cheapo washing detergent, the turbine head would spin up but as soon as it touched the carpet it stopped, so I did some tests. First I ran it with no pre or post in atall, naughty but very quickly done and the turbine head span up and started grooming the carpet pile. So I ordered new pre and post for it and it was like a brand new machine again. Then the telescopic want broke so I had to get another but found one for a bargain.

Sorry to rabbit on but here it is 6 months later, resting in its own room lol

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