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Author Topic: Numatic Hetty HET200A - Stripdown and Refurb  (Read 4705 times)

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Numatic Hetty HET200A - Stripdown and Refurb
« on: August 09, 2014, 11:40:43 PM »
I won this on ebay a few weeks ago for 2.20. Upon collecting it the seller wouldnt take my money, so a free Hetty!

The PCB had died (as they all do), and the seller had take it apart to try and fix, but couldnt.

One of the poles was cracked and bent, so that went into the bin!

This was the mess at the end of the hose!

Only from Week 9 2009 too!

I fixed the hose up by just putting it together properly, wired her up just off the switch to confirm she worked well and put her in the shed after a quick photoshoot with the Henry I had in with the same issue (now sold) and Crap Henry, who has a thread all of his own

2009, 2010 and 1993

I stripped her down Thursday night, the job was amde easier by the fact that the previous owner had lost ALL the screws...

Cord rewind out

She's not that dirty really!

Motor out next

Onto the tub next, wheels off

And onto the floor tool


The DC16 got rid of that easily enough


All washed, I started outting her back together tonight

I polished the tub to get rid of the general marks and put the bottom end together

Front wheels

I washed the filter and hose, along with 5 others I found on the shed so their all lovely and clean now!

And that's as far as I got tonight! More soon!
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