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Author Topic: Numatic Turbo Head Refurb  (Read 5065 times)

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Numatic Turbo Head Refurb
« on: August 19, 2014, 08:30:10 PM »
Matthew - This is for you!

For everyone else, I answered a call on Freecycle for some electric numatic turbo head and poles! Seeing signs, I popped and grabbed it yesterday (Well, SWMBO did...)

These come with the Henry Turbo (in red) or the Henry Hound (in Green, I had one new once, my first credit card splurge that I'm still paying for now...)

The brushroll is removed by sliding the red lever across and pulling up. It's a very soft brushroll sadly

Undo all the screws (2 thinner ones at the front) and the top comes off

The 2 black cables go through to the pole connection, unplug those (polarity doesnt matter)

Brushroll motor and PCB (both unkillable I think!)

Both these parts lift off now

These are the brushroll axles. Both sides lift off, the belt comes off now too

The wheels pop off the underside

Moving onto the pivot and swivel joint, undo the 2 screws golding the cover plate on, and pop it off from the fatter underside, there's a clip on the top smaller end. 2 screws are inside these holes

and 2 sit under the swivel joint

and it seperates

There's a clip to pop out of the swivel joint, which then seperates everything even more

Everything was washed and dried

Lots of hair was sat underneath this bit

The axles go in first

Then the other slip sits just behind it, and gets clamped down by the top housing

Cleaned brushroll

And everything back into place. I put a smear of grease on the contact points in the pivot joint, and on the wheel axles.

Gave it a bit of a polish for the ebay photo's

And thats how to strip a Numatic turbobrush! Had to butcher the power supply for my scanner to test it though, but it'll crimp together!

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