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Author Topic: There is only one Manchester Vacs  (Read 12998 times)

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There is only one Manchester Vacs
« on: October 04, 2014, 01:26:07 pm »
Updated 2024.

Little Dyson vacuum and similar shops seem to be springing up in our catchment area like mushrooms in every direction.

They sport names such as "[insert town here] Vacs", "Vacuum World" or "Shop4Dysons". Most proclaim themselves to be "ex-Dyson engineers" (caveat emptor) and all trumpet "Dyson specialists" in their advertising. You get the idea........

Some have even emulated the colours of our website and the odd one has stolen text, photos, and graphics from our website. This has already resulted in us taking legal action against two such shops to correct that.

Occasionally, our customers find themselves at these places mistaking them for us. Similarly, some of our old customers got confused when we moved premises and the odd one ended up elsewhere unintentionally. So to clear up any confusion, I am going to give you some visuals and extra info.

This is our old shop we were in since the mid-naughties in Abbey Hey in Gorton (I won't bore you by going back to where we have been since the 80's).


That shop is now closed because we expanded and relocated to the Bull's Head in Reddish here in 2016:

We are no longer at the Bull's Head.

In 2022, we moved here to Bredbury.


This is the only place you will find Manchester Vacs. If it's not in the industrial unit in Bredbury, it isn't us!

You can find full location information, a map and printable directions >>here on our main site<< and >>here on Google Maps<<, as we want to make sure you get to the right place. :thumbsup:

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