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Author Topic: Hoover Turbopower Total System U2798  (Read 6176 times)

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Hoover Turbopower Total System U2798
« on: January 04, 2015, 09:25:42 pm »
A fellow collector offered me this a few months ago, and I took him up on it. It ran well, but was in need of a refurb. Christmas, the goblin commander and car issues got in the way, and the poor Turbopower sat in the corner of our bedroom getting in the way

Until the other night, when I grabbed it out and got to work:

There are 2 clips to remove the bag door, but they are a right pain to unclip in situ, so it's easier to remove the trunnion cover whole, then pop the clips out

This is a bottom of the line model, so has NO frills. Like the hole that would hold the air freshener housing has a blanking plate over it

Door catch off next

Laid her down to start at the top

2 screws and the bag fill tube can be removed

The wiring cover plate comes off now

The blanking plate for the bag full indicator to the left

Switch has moved to the main body too on this model

Not much wiring under here!

All removed

Where the switch should be, in the handle is another blanking plate

Oddly it consists of a main switch body with an inner blank

Popped the handle cap off

Tools off the machine. I have the upholstry brush somewhere, but tbh I don't know where. It'll turn up!

This little screw hiding under the handle releases the top cord hook

The real switch pops out

4 screws in the inside of the bag housing releases the tool holder

2 more on the side releases the hose holster

The extension tube sits inside this

On to the lower half now, the height adjuster knob pops off

Then the machine flips over, and the base plate comes off


I scraped off the worse so I didnt clog the plughole when washing it

Activator lifts out

And is stripped down

Hiding under the chassis are 2 screws that release the hood

The main motor wires unplug from the supressor block

2 hinge plates unscrew, and the upper part can be removed from the lower half

Another example of mingebaggery, the lower cord hook isn't on this, there's a blanking plate. Underneath is all the mouldings to fit the spring and hook, but it never was!

One plastic clamp removed and the motor pulls off the lower chassis

Wiring block pops out, and the cables pull off their respective terminals

Fancase top pops off

Skips a bit here, but the fan screws off, the 2 spacer washers are removed, 4 motor casing screws are removed (phillips not flathead as it's a later model), and the armature can be withdrawn

Carbons have life left in them

Height adjuster wheels next

Being a total system model, there is an additional gate that closes to provide suction to the tools

Being a late model, then wheels are held on with annoying non-removable crimps, so I left them on and just removed the caps

Everything was then washed and dried, and re-assembled this afternoon!

Motor first

Carbon holders back in

I fitted a new fancase bearing as the old one was a little dry

Coil back on, drop of oil on the armature bearing as it wasn't too bad, motor cover re-fitted, and the fan back on

Popped the carbons back in

The foam vibration damper glues back onto the chassis

The motor rubbers are cleaned up, the bellows re-fitted and the motor clamped back down

Pivot points greased up, as a common flaw with the Turbopower 1 is the pivots becoming dry, not pivoting anymore and the trunnion shatters

Top housing mated with the bottom chassis, top pivots greased and the hinge plates screwed home

Trunnion cover re-fitted, with the bag door hinges clipped in and the bellows tucked into their housing

Tool suction shutter refitted

Activator rebuilt with new brushroll bearings

New genuine belt fitted

and fitted to the chassis

All done under the hood, the hood can be re-fitted, and I screwed the hose holster back on


SWMBO came home at this point, so everything was re-assembled inbetween helping to put the shopping away, stopping my daughter emptying my toolbox, and I got a new bag out of the shed, along with an air freshener

And she is done, just needs a final polish before I can call it done!

even the tool suction is pretty good for one of these! (400w Dirty fan motor)

And another Turbopower 1 is done, even if this one is from April 1996, so VERY late.
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