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Author Topic: Dyson DC22 Stowaway Wood & Wool Stripdown and Refurb  (Read 5641 times)

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Dyson DC22 Stowaway Wood & Wool Stripdown and Refurb
« on: January 23, 2015, 01:25:28 AM »
Had this in for a refurb this week, and it made a lovely thread!

The first thing I did was remove the hose, then unclip the hose from the hose adapter and bottom cyclone holder

A screw holds it together

Lets have a look at the pre motor filter

Undo the clip and the cover hinges upwards

This levered off its hinge


Onto the top hose holder next

One screw releases it

Another screw releases the floor tool holder

This pointless looking bit unscrews from under the hose port

Flipped over now

Post motor filter doesnt look too horrific tbh

it took me a while to work out how to get the wheels off, but in the end, a good heavy tug popped one of the clips out, then just work around and eventually the 4 heavy clips snap out and the wheel can be removed

I grabbed the other wheel and whipped it apart, had left it for fear of damage initially

Cord rewind next. One screw hides under here

The other two are blatent

This bit was quite tricky, but with lots of careful levering with a screwdriver it popped off, and the cable could be removed

The cassette is held in with a clip at the bottom

Then lifts out

As per other dysons, N to N, L to switch

The power foot button levers out

Same with the cord rewind button

The release valve hides under here, and is strangely old school yellow compared with the rest of the colours!

There is a contact plate that slots into a housing on this edge too

Remove the contact plate, remove all the screws and the top plate lifts off. One of the screws also holds the hose entry port in too

The underside of the release valve

The yellow cap levers out, held in only by its seal, and the rest follows quickly thansk to the big spring

The next stage is the motor

This seal lifts out, one of the only ones that does tbh

As does this little one

This louvre feels like it should be removeable, but is held against 3 edges, and looked a pain in the  :censored: so I left it alone!

Remove the 5 screws as shown in the seal removal picture and the motor housing falls out

4 TINY hex screws hold the motor cap on

Remove these, and lever the clear cap up. The 4 screw places are also clips, so unclip one side at a time. Eventually, you will have this

There is a handy reference arrow on the rubber mount and palstic housing for re-fitting

and another seal to remove

The motor looks like a standard affair

1300w Panasonic job

Main body done, it was on to the cyclone

This machine belongs to a dentist surgery where I used to live, so I wasn't expecting this to be pretty...

Bin off

Bottom flap off, and the release rod removed. Push the tiny clip in at the top and it pulls through. I find it good to wash these and ebhind them to stop gritty operation

Both seals out of the bin bottom

Main cyclone now

Rubber seal off

Prise the clips up all the way round, and eventually it seperates. They did flex a bit, and a few obtained white stress marks but none snapped. Just go carefully, once one goes they all start to unclip


I'm not a fan of the micro way cyclones are going, asking for trouble if you ask me!

Luckily the seal assembly is as whole

The hose holder unscrews

There's 6 screws buried in here, get in there and get them out!

This also seperates the top

Cyclone release bar comes out of the middle

The top handle is held in with 1 screw, and has a random spring under it

The top part of the cyclone release drops out of the top lid

Quick look at the turbo tool


That cleaned up well enough, and I moved onto the floor tool. The wheels were locked solid...

They still didnt spin, and after wrestling/hammering the axles out I could see why!

Drop of grease upon re-assembly

I cleaned the floor tool up without stripping it down as I hate taking them apart! The whole machine was washed, dried and tonight, I commenced re-assembly

Cyclone first

Tip top part of the cyclone release in

Middle part in

Seal in

Cap in

Hose clip screwed back in

Assembly pushed together

And screwed up

Tip seals on

I didn't think this bit came apart, but whilst washing it up it fell apart, must have been held together with crap!

I did try to get the dirt you can see off, but failed sadly. It's ingrained into the plastic

Snapped the bottom back on, and re-fitted the top seal

Bin now

Bottom flap seal in

Flap seal in

last bit of release rod back in

Bottom flap clipped back onto the bin

And the cyclone is done!

Motor next

Outer seal in

Wires tucked into the top seal

arrows lined up

top snapped in

and screwed up

Screwed back onto the chassis

Housing seal fitted

release valve back in

Middle housing fitted

Buttons refitted

Hose input fitted

cord rewind back in

Cord fed back into the guide plate, and the guide plate snapped back into the housing, which is tricky!

Getting there!

Base housing back in

filter back in (I did recommend new ones, but it wasn't to be...Their not too horrific tbh)

Wheels back on

Pre motor filter back in

Filter housing refitted

Looks like a vacuum now

Random bit of housing fitted

Hose holder

Floorbrush holder

Bottom hose holder and cyclone clip fitted

Hose on

Cyclone on

Tried the turbo tool on the DC16, but it was rubbish and barely span it up!

and it's all done!

Will run it back tomorrow on the way home from work, and hopefully when they try it on saturday (dont expect them to fire it up with a dentist full of patients tbh) they will like it!

Hope it helps people out. I have to say, for a modern Dyson it was surprisingly painless and easy.
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