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Author Topic: Dyson DC08 Allergy+ - Stripdown and Refurb!  (Read 8648 times)

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Dyson DC08 Allergy+ - Stripdown and Refurb!
« on: June 18, 2015, 12:05:23 am »
I got given this a few weekends ago at a car show (where all the attendees knew what I'm like!)

Had been used to clean up copious amounts of sawdust, and blew the release valve when turned on but ran well and was quite clean underneath all the dirt! The top handle was broken too, which is all too common an issue!

Push the hose from the machine end whilst holding the bracket and the inner locating ring pops into view

The ring then unclips, and is removed

The tools end of the hose comes off next

Pull the hose through the bracket from the machine end. The hose is tapered from a thin end (tools) to the thick end (machine)

Tools next

This was all picked out and cleaned up prior to washing. I forgot to take a picture of the upholstry tool, but it was in good order. Crevice tool is missing...

Wand and floortool apart

All the wand got was a wipe down. It was mint under the sawdust, and their expensive to replace if I break it!

Floortool however...

The front bumper holds the front of the mechanism down, and pops off

The front part of the mechanism pops out from the centre. 2 springs sit underneath it

Unpop these 2 clips

This enables the base plate to fall through

I then unclipped the back of the top so it hinges up like so

The baseplate then pulls through, bringing the inner hose with it (which seems fixed to the baseplate, so don't try and remove it!)

The pipe end and top section unclip from the middle now

tap the bar out and these 2 parts seperate

The part on the right is clipped in underneath, so with a bit of levering pops out like so

The last part of the mechanism pedal comes out now

I left the wheels on as they are a pain to get off, and these weren't jammed up with hair so I left them alone!

Onto the machine now...

Cyclone off

Post motor filter cover removed

Seen worse, but of course it got changed!

The pre motor filter wasn't so clean (and was the cause of the release valve blowing, I did check!)

The filter lid levers out of 2 pivot points

The parking slot unscrews from underneath

Rubber seal removed

The rear wheels snap off with a good lever with a long screwdriver

and all the motor casing screws can then be undone

The cable guide snaps out from behind

and the cable can be removed from the top casing, so they can be properly seperated

This little bypass tube pulls out

The on/off and rewind pedals snap out from behind with 2 tabs. A big spring sits underneath

The release valve levers out from underneath

Onto the other half of the chassis. The motor and cord reel pull out together

and are seperated by unclipping these wires

The hose port is removed by pushing on locating tabs from the rear

The front wheel holder isn't removeable I dont think without damage, so I just removed the little wheel

Motor now

The switch pulls off the motor wire, with the fly lead to the cord reel still attached to the switch

4 tabs hold the cover on. The top seal is attached to the cap and will come with it

The square seal sits on the outside of the motor housing. The clear plastic cone sits on the end of the motor, and locates with the round rubber seal that sits on the inside of the housing

The armature was very clean, and the motor sounded healthy anyway and was quite clean, so blew it out and left it be

Did have a peek at the fan but it wasnt worth washing, hardly a spec of dirt on it, this machine has obviously never been used for plaster dust! (which is rare)

The cord reel was left alone too, as it worked ok. It was a bit slow, but by holding the reel and pulling out all the cable (so it 'unwinds as it should'), winding a few turns on and pulling it out again until the reel moves no more put a drop of tension back in which made it a bit happier.

Cyclone now!

Pull, pull pull!

Then remove the 2 seals

The broken top handle was removed with 2 screws on the top and a lever forward at the front to unclip it

The lower cone pulls out of the cyclone (pull one side and it will eventually slip up and rotate, then can be easily pulled out)

3 screws sit in the 3 screw recess

and the cyclone can be seperated

Buried in this bit are 2 screws that hold the top cover of the cyclone on. One is visible fro mthe top under the front of the handle

These 2 were very rusty, and damage to my finger was inflicted whilst hammering a larger torx driver into them (replaced them on re-assembly with nice non rusty screws!)


The top channels of the cyclone are one unit, which lifts off

I decided to see what happens when you seperate it. Answer - not much, makes it easier to clean and the suction was superb afterwards

I got a few other machines at Shitefest, which included 70% of another DC08, so I went to the secondary storage unit (boot of the car where they have been since handover) and grabbed a silver cyclone handle

The colour didnt seem to bother buyers going by the response I had when advertising it, which is nice. The handle was added to the washing box

The whole lot was washed, then cleaned to perfection with Cif!

Bottom seal goes onto the cyclone bin inner

As does the top seal

push, push, click!

The middle part of the cyclone is first for the top half

the big rubber seal goes on

The top sealing ring goes on

The cyclone ducting goes back together

and is fitted

the cyclone top pops on

and is screwed up. Top handle goes on now

Fiddly due to having to pull the back part over the cyclone top moulding AND keep the front part clicked into its slot, but go carefully so you dont snap the handle and all will be well!

The middle part of the cyclone is screwed up now from underneath, and the sealing ring fitted to the cyclone cone

Bad shot but the cyclone is done!

Moving on, attach the top motor seal to the motor housing lid

Lower the motor onto the housing lid

Holding peice fitted

rubber damper/locator fitted to that

Square seal is fitted to the outside

Feed the motor wires through the casing and locate the sealing bung

Connect the motor wires to the motor, and bring the 2 halves of the casing together. The locating tabs aren't evenly set so the casing only goes together one way!

Connect the switch and its little wire to the casing and feed the wires through the locating tabs

Connect the cord rewind up, then fit the switch, motor and cord reel to the lower casing. The cord reel locates with a cutout in the case to accept the spring housing.

Little pipe refitted

Release valve fitted

Fit the hose port, feed the cable through the top housing, refit the cable guide then fit the top housing to the bottom and screw it together!

The on/off and rewind pedals snap in from the top, after fitting the spring to each side. Refit each wheel too

Fit the seal and park bracket to the top filter housing

snap the filter cover onto the main chassis

Fit the washed original filter into the housing like so (or fit a new filter)

Little front wheel fitted

Nice new HEPA filter ready to go. Quite why there is a picture of a DC02 on the pack I don't know!

Refit the filter cover

Fit the cyclone

Floortool now, and this was a pain as I didn't clip the little pivoting cage back in underneath, so the whole tool was jammed. Read the top of this post backwards for re-assembly info, but make sure this

is fully snapped in underneath, otherwise you will swear at it for a day or two before realising.

I treat it to a new crevice tool, and fitted the other 2 to the holder

Refit the hose to the bracket. After going through the washing machine for 2 hours it lost its kink, so I fitted the bracket to the machine, fed the hose through and used its position as a guide to fit the locking ring

And she is done!

She sold the next day, which was nice! I hope this helps someone with any DC08 issues, there were a fair few questions a few months ago on the subject!
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Re: Dyson DC08 Allergy+ - Stripdown and Refurb!
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2015, 12:46:15 am »
Thats So clean. cleaner than my DC01 that i refurbished well done  :thumbsup:

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