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Author Topic: I have a Dyson DC41!  (Read 1606 times)

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I have a Dyson DC41!
« on: July 09, 2015, 05:23:53 AM »
Hi guys
I got a Dyson DC41 Animal finally, got it for 60 with a ripped hose, no tools and a broken roller wheel in the brush housing. You probably think I'm bizzare but hey, wanted a DC41 for a while and I got bored of my DC14 Origin I had for almost a year and got it for 10. Sold it a few days ago for 50 so made 40 profit for my new 41 :)

Anyways, got it home, did a quick refurb including washing the cyclones out and the cleaner head and gave it DC25 tools. It worked lovely! Snap went the cyclone release catch when I lifted it from the handle though. I know that the DC41 was released in 2011 so they must be under warranty. Rang Dyson to find out if mine was transferable, she said I need some proof of purchase from the seller like where it was bought and a rough date. The lady seemed nice and then I found out where it was bought from the next day.

To my surprise the Dyson was bought at Currys in London in 2012- I have a southern Dyson!  ;D So rang Dyson again today, then they didn't want proof? they agreed to just give me a new cyclone and cleaner head in the post under guarantee so win! ;D I love the customer service, 5/5 stars!

I'm now awaiting of the new parts, going to ring them again tomorrow cos I forgot to ask for a toolkit, will see what happens. I do like the machine though, cleans better than the DC14 and DC25 IMHO but the plastic just flexes everywhere! Not a bad machine, I like it, almost loved it if it wasn't for that cyclone release catch. I hope my yolk assembly won't break though. It's just about half full and I only had it 2 days :)

I made a video of it lifting the kitchen mat up without the wheel thing. It's not hard to push for me, I like the power but it's a bit to steer the vacuum without it on thin carpets. It even holds itself onto the hard floor and the soleplate still has rollers! Very powerful machine. I wish Dyson just made their machines more reliable like the DC01-DC33's (Excuding DC24 lol) and the DC41 wouldn't be a bad machine. Much better than the DC40, I don't like theDC40 but I don't hate it either :P I would rather use a DC04 than a DC40.

DC14s are tanks, just need a slightly longer motor life. Do plastic parts often break on DC14s? Nope. DC41- Sexy looking futuristic and powerful machine. Just needs a better designed cleaner head wheel and cyclone clip along with a dense metal rod in the chassis.

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