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Author Topic: Dyson DC33 Stubborn - Stripdown and Refurb  (Read 15010 times)

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Dyson DC33 Stubborn - Stripdown and Refurb
« on: September 23, 2015, 10:30:57 pm »
I obtained this for £not a lot recently, a Lovely* DC33

No stubborn brush though sadly

I'd already had the hose and pre motor filter out and washed, so that saved a few seconds

Upholstry tool still had its litter pickers on

Wand off next

The various buttons pop out

The red cap pops out

The release button snaps out not quite as easily as the earlier uprights

I imagine that if the red cap at the top of the wand came off it would split down further, but it didnt so I left it!

These 4 screws come out

and reveal the switch

I couldnt get the red button out, so left it so I didnt break it

The switch flicks down from its housing

and the brown wires unplug. The neutral wires connect inside this black casing like so many other Dyson machines

Pull the spine cable out from this side

Push through so you can grab it from the other side

and pull it out of the spine

Remove the 2 chassis to cyclone seals

Just for this thread (I dont usually do this tbh) I popped the tool clips out

Moving down the cleaner, the side piece pulls out

and splits down a bit further

The post motor filter is different to others I have seen, and has a hinged cover

This is actually pretty spotless, only very slightly grey, so I kept it! Must have been changed recently (they had a Big Ball sat in the hall when I picked it up)

The hinge peg snaps out on one end and the whole lot falls off

Pre motor filter cover comes out


Release valve unclips

The seal behind the blockage removal port pulls off

The seal for the pre filter housing pulls off also

Motor diffuser unscrews

Clutch knob next

Time to flip it over and have the base plate off

All the soleplate wheels come out

the 2 edge cleaning bristle bits pull out

Belt up!

brushroll stripped

Wand Ubend out

clip removed

Internal hose pulled out

Brushroll housing removed

Clutch cover out

This was interesting, the belt guide pin was bent, and there was rubber everywhere! Clutch to motor belt was half as thin as it should have been too

Clutch out

Brushroll top housing clips removed

and the housing removed

The recline catch was half out as well

which made it easier to remove

The black pivot rings come out of the chassis

The u bend seal pulls off the release carriage

and the release mechanism snaps off the chassis

Outer motor housing next, 4 screws release it

Another screw releases the pre filter elbow

The piece of trim that covers the inner motor housing pops off

retaining ring snaps out of the housing

and the motor pulls out of the inner housing

Seals off, I tapped the fan cover off too

Was a bit dirty

So I had that off as well with its 2 screws

Onto the cyclone now

Split in the usual way

Bottom flap and seal out

The red release rod snaps out of its mounting brackets, which is the best way of cleaning gritty bits from underneath it, enabling a smoother operation

Onto the guts of the cyclone now

A sharp lever out on each of the locking tabs releases them one by one, then the last one causes it to fall apart

The cyclone bin seal pulls off. The cone at the bottom snaps out by pulling the shroud out by one of the lugs and pulling the cone. The cone seal pulls off the end

The release button at the top flicks out with a screwdriver inserted inbetween it and the clear handle

Dont loose the little spring!

Red part out of the way, you can get at the hidde nscrew securing the cyclone top

2 screws hold the cyclone handle on

This is a pain in the arse bit of a faff (and not strictly needed either) but the handle comes out of the cyclone top

Remove the screws holding the inner cyclone cover on, and you can see what state your cyclone seal is in

The middle part of the bin release rod sits behind the top of the cyclone

and you are all stripped and ready to wash!

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Re: Dyson DC33 Stubborn - Stripdown and Refurb
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2015, 10:31:23 pm »
Once washed, you can lay out arty farty component pictures!

There are 2 bits missing from this picture, can you guess what they are?

Assembly is the reverse of disassembly, but unline Mr. Haynes, I'll show that as well!

Motor first

Fan rear screwed back in

First fan spacer in

Fan (washed)

top washer and retaining nut

and fancase

Inner motor housing next

Motor seals on

A smear of grease around the inside helps slide the motor home. Remember to feed the motor wire in

and the retainer snaps back in

Refit the diffuser

refit the outer housing

Pre filter elbow now

Fit the seal now, as it's much easier than when its fitted!


and the little internal seal too

Fit the elbow to the chassis

Next (and this is unique to the 33), fit the spine cable up into the top, ensuring it sits as so

The slack should sit behind the motor housing, there is a peg to tuck it round on the back of the inner housing

Slot the housing home onto the chassis and screw it together

Fit a lovely air freshener under the post filter

Slot the pivot peg into the housing filter

and snap it home

In 98% of times, you should fit a new filter here. Unless you happen to be making a how to post, or are disassembling your cleaner for other reasons, replace the filter. If the motors gone pop, the filter will STINK!

Close the filter lid

and move on

Fit the release valve cup

then the spring

then the retaining ring

fit the seal

Refit your shiny washed pre motor filter

fit the black pivot rings

Changeover valve gubbins now. Fit the wand banana seal now, as it's a pain to do later

Fit the 2 halves together the correct way round

and fiddle it back in. Inser the back of the black part first into the chassis, then sort of twist and gently bend the looped grey part in, and it should all just go snap and fit perfectly! Then push the tabs down at the front

locking peg back in

Time to fit the top brushroll housing

Re-belt your clutch (there's a guide on here somewhere for this, or Mvacs sell freshly belted ones for £not a lot)

Fit the clutch to the housing and motor, rotate the belt by hand a few times to centre it up

Refit the clutch cover

and screw her down

Fit the retaining rings (the clear ones are great fun to just loose out the corner of your eyes on a light surface...)

Fit the internal hose to the brushroll housing

Fit the hose to the bottom of the changeover valve, then fit the housing to the other housing pivots

Grease the brushroll bearings and pop the brushroll back together

Drop a bearing in one end without pushing it fully down

pop an end cap onto the axle rod, and push that through the bearing, pushing the bearing home with the end cap. Drop the other bearing onto the now sticking out rod

and push that home with the other end cap. Ensure both end caps are rotated to the same direction

Re-lift the belt

and fit the brushroll

Gather up the soleplate wheels (replace these if worn, they often can be)

Refit the edge brushes

Fit the base plate

Refit the wheels. Slot the axle into one wheel on the end you left the circlip on

Pop the washer on, slide the axle through the chassis, pop the other washer on, then the wheel, then the other circlip

Fit the vanity caps

Fit the wand banana clip

and fit the banana

Looking like a Dyson again now!

Fit the seal to the black part of the blockage removal tube on the changeover valve

and fit that to the main housing

fit the seal to the chassis
and fit the valve to the machine

Fit the 2 top seals

Time to wire up the switch now. Fit the mains cable and route appropriatly

Connect the neutral up

and fit the protective casing and route the wires away

Fit the switch

fit the housing. It's easier to depress the switch to 'On', the red cap will slide over it much easier

pop the screws back in

Refit the 3 release buttons to the wand (if you removed them in the first place)

fit the wand release button spring

and fit the release button

fit the top cap

(I did this a while ago) but plug the hose back in and you can click the wand in place

Fit the clutch cover (if your cover was a pain to remove, leave this off until you test the machine, as if the clutch isnt working correctly, it'll have to come off again!)

Pop the tool holder clips back in and refit the tools

I had to pause here and wait for the Hermes man, so popped it in the corner with the other projects/repair work


He left this in a very safe place, I almost didnt find it. If I hadnt have dropped my keys coming in the front door I'd have still been waiting for it now, he tucked it right under the bush outside and didnt push a note through...

Admire your stuff from Mvacs

I bought a new cyclone seal, as the old one was worn to buggary. And now we can put the cyclone back together!

Although I didnt remove this seal, it did partly fall out, so make sure it's tucked in properly

Fit the spring to the bin release button

The spring sits over this dimple on the other half of the cyclone

Offer the 2 parts up, but dont clip them together. With a small screwdriver, flick the spring over the dimple

Then snap them home, ensuring the spring doesnt do one in the process

Fit the bin seal, the V goes at the top (you'll see when it's infront of you)

Fit the very snug new seal over the white top cover, ensuring all the screw holes line up

and pop it onto the cyclone

screw it down

Drop the spring and second release peg into the hole. This is a bit fiddly, as the spring has to 'flick' the rod outwards to clear the bin

pop the top cover on

and screw that down too

(If you took it off) refit and screw the top handle down

Insert the spring into the hole

And snap the top red button and assembly down, ensuring the locating peg sits in the screw, and the cutout to receive the second layer of bin release rod

Ensure the release rod works fine at this end. The flat bit should stay outwards as shown, or it fouls on the bin when fitted

There are 2 flat bits of the spring, these need to be positioned correctly to aid this. I would show how, but I never get it right, and it takes a few goes to get it just so...

Fit the bottom cone seal to the cone

insert the cone into the shroud at an angle, lining up the 4 tabs, then push and snap it all into place

Fit the flap seal

Fit the bin rod. Insert the one side as shown, then push down until the rest of it clicks into place

Fit the bottom flap, again with a snap it pushes home

Cyclone done

Machine done!

A British Gas bloke picked it up earlier tonight for £50, I did want a little bit more, but tbh had not alot of interest, and I wanted it gone, and £50 from £5 is better than nowt, paid for a lovely kebab and chips anyway, with enough left over for a weeks shopping!

Hope this helps someone! The 33 seems to be the last of the 'good' wheeled dysons, although the wand and top of the chassis is quite flexible, it's clear the bean counting had begun at Dyson by this point. I wonder why they did one last wheeled machine when the 15, 24 and 25 were out by this point?
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Re: Dyson DC33 Stubborn - Stripdown and Refurb
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2015, 07:48:51 am »
 :thumbsup: Nice job buddy, that's not a bad looking machine.
Please tell me where you shop ? I'd love to do a weeks shopping for that much. Mind you, i suppose it might help if i stopped taking my missus with me ;D
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Re: Dyson DC33 Stubborn - Stripdown and Refurb
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2016, 11:45:02 am »
Watch out for that gasket inside the cyclone. I didn't see it come out, so didn't know where it came from.

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Re: Dyson DC33 Stubborn - Stripdown and Refurb
« Reply #4 on: February 22, 2016, 02:09:52 pm »
ah yes I have had 2 dc33s and sold them both for £55 they go quick at that price

with new parts
brush bar if needed
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