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Author Topic: Dyson loses legal battle with Bosch over vacuum row  (Read 3834 times)

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Dyson loses legal battle with Bosch over vacuum row
« on: November 30, 2015, 04:09:53 PM »
The British firm said that it was 'surprised and disappointed' by the ruling

Dyson has lost its latest legal battle against Bosch after weeks of wrangling over whether the German brand was misleading customers.

Inventor Sir James Dyson alleged last month that the German engineering rival had committed consumer fraud in relation to its energy rating, claiming that its motor wattage increased when being used in the home, which affected its green credentials.

A court in the Netherlands has branded Dyson's accusations as "completely baseless", according to BSH Home Appliances, which makes products under the Bosch and Siemens labels.

"BSH complies with all stipulations of the EU energy label," it said.

Dyson hit back at the ruling, stating that the company will appeal the decision.

“Bosch/Siemens have admitted that their machine uses control electronics to increase motor wattage as it is used in the home - we are surprised and disappointed therefore that the court will allow them to market their machine with a label which we believe is misleading consumers," a spokesman for the company said.

"The energy efficiency consumers experience in the home can be as low as an E or an F – not the A-grade performance that they claim to consumers."

Sir James has alleged that the AAAA energy rating for some of Bosch's vacuum cleaner models was only achievable under lab conditions

"The court ruling is all the more surprising given recent attention on unrepresentative testing by manufacturers, which is misleading consumers and the public. We will appeal this decision and in the meantime await the judgments from other European courts.”

The decision in Amsterdam is the first of three separate sets of proceedings on this issue. Courts in Germany and Belgium have yet to hear the case.

BSH chief executive Karsten Ottenberg has told Dyson to "accept" the ruling and "focus on fair competition between the best technologies and products instead of continually initiating to legal action".

BSH said that is was "currently taking legal steps" against Dyson and Sir James in relation to the accusations. The company is suing for defamation in the English courts.

This is the second time that Dyson has lost a legal bid this month.

Last week, the company failed in a bid to scrap EU energy labelling rules, after founder Sir James Dyson claimed that they allowed his rivals to achieve misleadingly good efficiency ratings.

Sir James Dyson  Photo: PA

Sir James took his case to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg, claiming that a system of efficiency labels deceived customers because they were conducted when the devices were in “pristine” condition in laboratories.

The court accepted that the testing regime is flawed, saying “the suction performance and energy efficiency of a vacuum cleaner with a dust-loaded receptacle will be reduced due to dust accumulation”.

However, it threw out the case, saying that Dyson could not come up with an alternative test that would be “reliable, accurate and reproducible”.


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Re: Dyson loses legal battle with Bosch over vacuum row
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2015, 07:24:31 PM »
The rating system for vacuum cleaners is as flawed as the vehicle emissions system  :angryman:



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