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Author Topic: DC14 Samsung Motor replacement - black wire too short to reach connector.  (Read 2727 times)

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Looking for advice on replacing a motor in my girlfriend's DC-14.  The old motor which failed is one of the Samsung VCM-K50VV motors which apparently are not available any more.  I've got a genuine Dyson replacement YV-2200 which I am now trying fit...  but Iím having a nightmare getting the new motor back into the fan casing (Iíve done this before on a DC07 no problemsÖ)

The issue Iím having is that the black wire from the new motor seems fractionally shorter than the black wire on the old Samsung one, so every time I try to line the motor up correctly with the casing, the black wire pulls out of its connector.  Am I missing something hereÖ my only thought is to try and lengthen the wire from the motor with a chocolate box connector, but this doesnít seem like a great idea to have a connector floating around in the fan casing?

Any advice/thoughts?  Anyone else come across the same issue?

Thank you!


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Hiya Paul
Try swapping the thermal fuse from the old motor and rub a thin layer of fairy liquid around the rubber casing to aid shoving it into the motor bucket. If that doesn't work, move the rubber bit around the drive shaft a notch. Sometimes the connectors fit better if you push them in rotated 180 degrees. Also, if the motor has shat it's self, change the post motor filter as you will never get rid of the stink.


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try  a spot of super glue on connector the try a twist of the small rubber one hole to make it more wire in theory

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Tape the connectors together,  and fit the notched motor rubber so the wiring block sits as close to the cable entry as it can whilst still fitting where it should rubber wise.  Fairy liquid too,  makes it so much easier!
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