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Author Topic: Dyson DC50 - How To Replace the PCB  (Read 7233 times)

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Dyson DC50 - How To Replace the PCB
« on: February 15, 2016, 03:32:46 pm »
If you are having trouble with your DC50, it may be something to do the PCB unit. If you diagnose this as the problem and need to replace it heres how.

Please make sure to take proper ESD protection when handling the PCB as the component is sensitive.


T15 Screwdriver (You can get one from )

The machine in all it's glory.

Remove this T15 Screw from the left hand side cover.

Now by turning anti-clockwise remove the right hand cover and post filter.

Now turn the machine upside down, and remove the two T15 screws shown here.

Now turn the machine over and recline it, pushing down the cleaner head as far as it can go, at this stage you will removing the top cover, as shown.

By gently but firmly peeling the cover away it will release.

You will now need to remove the 4 T15 Screws shown here to remove the PCB cover.

The PCB unit is held in clipped in, so pivoting it at one edge and pulling upwards will remove it.
(Please note due to the design of this board, you cannot wire it wrong due to the different shaped connectors and live and neutral can be put in either connector.

The re-fitting is the reverse of the removal. Although please note if you do not follow this step you will find it extremely difficult to put the top cover back on.
Push down on this part, while feeding the top cover into the grooves and make sure it's pressed down and flush before you try applying pressure to snap this back on.

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Re: Dyson DC50 - How To Replace the PCB
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2016, 05:25:13 pm »
Woah the DC50 looks nicer to work on than the DC40!
This is a very good thread, thank you so much for posting  :thumbsup: 8) :icon_nod:

The DC40 I had was a nightmare to take apart and assemble again

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