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Author Topic: Beater Bar not turning on DC 25  (Read 2589 times)

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Beater Bar not turning on DC 25
« on: October 10, 2016, 10:00:40 PM »
Was running the Dyson around the place yesterday and all the sudden the beater bar quit spinning.  I checked the red wire below the switch on the side of the ball for chaffing that you read so much about but that was all good. I then took off the power head and inspected the drive belt but it was in place and looks almost new. I noticed that the beater bar turns in either direction freely with no resistance and when you turn the drive belt by hand the beater bar does not spin.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I believe the problem is where the beater bar and the drive go together. I don't know enough about these to be sure. So I've include a couple of pictures to try and clarify. I've read the post about testing the power head motor but before doing that I'm looking for advise to see if this may be my issue instead.

The last two pictures are of a bit that was laying in the power head when I disassembled it next to the bearing the beater bar goes to.



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