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Author Topic: Dyson plans 'super-toothbrush' complete with water jet between bristles  (Read 3034 times)

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First it gave the vacuum cleaner a  hi-tech redesign, then the fan and, most recently, the hairdryer.

Now Dyson is developing a super-toothbrush, the Evening Standard can reveal, with a powerful water jet embedded amid the bristles to blast away dental debris.

The company, founded by industrial designer Sir James Dyson, has  lodged patents for a “dental cleaning appliance” that features a nozzle for “delivering bursts of fluid” to the brusher’s teeth which will “dislodge matter”.

The idea is the appliance could also be used without bristles, acting as a high-powered dental floss by firing a “series of bursts” at tooth gaps.

The electric toothbrush features a small spherical reservoir between the handle and the brush that holds the water, about enough for three long bursts or lots of short ones. The patents say this causes “the delivery of a burst of working fluid to the teeth of the user to dislodge matter located within the gap”. Papers published by the Intellectual Property Office show the reservoir being filled directly from the tap.

However, the patents also suggest toothpaste or other liquids could be pumped under pressure through the rubbery nozzle. As the handle moves the brush around the mouth, a light sensor or possibly a camera detecting motion will know when the brush is between the user’s teeth and fire the water.

The design features six button- controlled modes with variations of “manual jet” and “auto jet”, with the pivoting head brushing at up to 6,000 revolutions per minute. The invention could also include an alert warning the brusher that the device was  being pushed too hard against their teeth. Dyson is selling its Supersonic hairdryer for nearly £350, hinting at the top-end price of its dental cleaning appliance if and when the device hits the shops.

Some electric toothbrushes which offer inter-dental cleaning have a reservoir at the base of the handle, while the Oral-B Professional Care Waterjet+ features an “oral irrigator” connected to a separate reservoir. A Dyson spokeswoman said: “So far this year Dyson has filed over 450 different patents. We never comment on technology we may or may not be developing.”


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Re: Dyson plans 'super-toothbrush' complete with water jet between bristles
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Very crazy indeed...
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