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Author Topic: Finally got hold of my DC04 De Stijl  (Read 2377 times)

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Finally got hold of my DC04 De Stijl
« on: January 29, 2017, 09:12:22 PM »

Finally got hold of my De Stijl bin, post filter lid, Changeover inspection and U-bend to convert my Absolute to a De Stijl,

out with the old dirty brush roll

And 1 quarter dead clutch,

Clean brush

In with the nice March 2011 hardly used clutch,

in with the now cleaned up brush,

Off with my Absolute bin,
Purple filter cover,
Changeover inspection and U-bend:

Pop De Stijl cyclone into the brand-new bin,
Pop in the nice air fresh thingy that was in my nans Dyson, (Before I nicked the De Stijl parts from its horrid grey chassis and head) because she hates the freshener pads in mine,
On with the changeover inspection tube
and finally the U-bend and we have this result:

So to explain,

*25th August 2016*
Me, Grandad and my Nan go down to Dyson Revivers and I bought myself, (With a little money help from Nan and Grandad) a nice Dyson DC04 Absolute

*September 2016*

Bought a Purple chassis off eBay and fitted to my Absolute,

*October 2016*
Emailed into Manchester Vacs and asked if they had any used Dyson DC04 Absolute Purple and Lime power cord they could sell me, they did,
Fitted that and it was perfect

*January 14, 2017*
Me, Nan, Grandad, Dad and my little brother Liam (2-Year-old who runs everywhere going "Hooooooover! Hooooover! OOOOOoooooooooh!" That's meant to be his hoover noise)
go down to Dyson Revivers and bought a Dyson DC04 De Stijl that has a Unoriginal Grey chassis and Grey head

*January 29, 2017*
I swapped my Absolute Bin, Changeover inspection, U bend and filter cover across so I had a Near original De Stijl,
Here was the outcome of today's change:

Need to edit photo so pics soon

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Re: Finally got hold of my DC04 De Stijl
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2017, 11:40:57 PM »
Here is the finished product (After tonnes of editing which you can see on my Instagram)

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