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Author Topic: DC04 Crevic on 14 attaching?  (Read 2934 times)

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DC04 Crevic on 14 attaching?
« on: March 22, 2017, 10:58:22 pm »
*My First post in the DC14 Section - WooHoo!*

Hiya Guys,
So if you have tried - you know the DC04 Crevis and DC07 Crevis tool won't fit the DC14 since it fits onto the side of the body - If you flip it upside down so the hose end is facing up - the dc07 one is too big and wont clip - and the 04 one is too small an end and wont fit...
Now this tool i'm trying to fit isn't a DC04 or DC07 but its a DC04 style (Without them silly holes ontop that I hate soo much) but also has the cutout for a dc07 storage after-market tool - its basically a DC04 tool without that expanded band around the top but with a dc07 cutout instead - and the top of the narrow edge it chopped off

Fitting it is not easy unless its a DC14 - the best way ive made it fit is to life it up slightly - however it still pops off with some bumps - but not as easily. So Does anyone know of a better tempory way of holding it in place (BTW I want it on the proper place not ontop of the wand) until I can get hold of a cheapo DC14 crevis on eBay

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