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Author Topic: A Reasonably Priced DC14 Crevice Tool At last!  (Read 5560 times)

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A Reasonably Priced DC14 Crevice Tool At last!
« on: April 18, 2011, 04:45:16 PM »
Dyson had a swell idea once upon a time; make each crevice tool for each machine different!

Why would they go to the trouble of doing that? Well, because the world and his wife were already making after-market Dyson crevice tools for the existing models. Much cheaper. That meant Dyson were not selling theirs so fast. To make a new one for the DC14 meant that for all those many people who lose theirs, and all the Dyson machine suppliers like us who like to sell a machine with tools, all those people were tied to buying a Dyson branded one.  :D

When one of the many other parts manufacturers out there spend a lot of money to make a similar item for less money, Dyson are rumoured to come down on these guys like a ton of bricks, complete with the legal team and budget that one would expect of a multi million pound company.  :-\

If you are one of those who were forced to buy one off the Dyson website at 12.25 (including delivery), it wouldn’t be unreasonable that you felt a little peeved at having your pocket emptied for over twelve quid for what is basically a bent plastic pipe.

We looked into having these manufactured ourselves a while back, but with 5000 tooling costs before production starts, it would have meant a circa 15,000 investment just to make a start - which seemed a little steep to us. We wanted to see a cheaper tool on the market, but we didn't want it that badly.

However, one of our suppliers has now produced one. Just like the original, it is slightly curved and it attaches to the side of your DC14 like the original one did. This is a direct replacement for Dyson part numbers 907763-01 and 907763-02.

You will have difficulty telling the difference between this after-market one and an original one. Apart from the price.

Dyson will charge you 12.25 for one of theirs. We took delivery of a shed load of these today, and we are able to sell them for 8.50 each including UK delivery.

You can order one from our DC14 parts page here: >>> DC14 Crevice Tool <<<

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