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Author Topic: Dyson DC40 - clean filters  (Read 841 times)

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Dyson DC40 - clean filters
« on: April 01, 2018, 06:47:23 PM »
I brought this Dyson from work to clean the filters because the Dyson wasnt picking up as good as it should.  I brought the paperwork home and followed the instructions.  The blue cover where the filter is behind - from the paperwork - it didnt give me the impression that you turned it so I prised it off with a screwdriver.  (Knowing what I know now after watching a bloke service a DC40 on-line)  I realised that the big grey cover was moving and did realise it screwed off.

Washed that filter and the other long material one and got them dry.  Put the round cardboard type filter back in correctly till it clicked (on youtube) but on youtube he showed how to turn it, screwing it back on until a rachet type noise was heard and then he said when you hear that noise, you know it is on tight enough.  My Dyson doesnt make a rachet type noise?   Nor will the blue cover click on where I prised it off from!

The Dyson has never stood upright very well, sometimes it did stand up and other times, after being stood up, the wand would fall back.  Now it will not stand up at all and I am having to prop it up by a wall.

I also cleaned the brush head area taking it off the Dyson and I did find clogged up debris and a 10p pence piece.  Could I have done something to the Dyson which now makes it not able to stand up itself?  Any help at all with all of the things I have done would be very much appreciated.  I wish I had never touched the Dyson but I cant turn the clock back now.  I sign off feeling very frustrated . . . . .

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