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Author Topic: SV03 & SV05 Bodies Dead?  (Read 2690 times)

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SV03 & SV05 Bodies Dead?
« on: September 05, 2018, 03:24:27 PM »

I'm at a complete loss at the moment (as well as being out of pocket).
I had an SV05 (the type with the HEPA filter on the back) come in with no power to the Head (common problem) so I bought 2x SV05 Motors from my supplier.. I could get nothing from the Body contacts on either motor body so sent the Motors back.

I saw a well priced motor body on ebay so bought that - this turned out to be an SV03, advertised to be for the V6 so there shouldn't be a problem.
Again I'm getting nothing from the body contacts with the trigger pulled obviously.

The strange thing is I had another handheld in and tried the head on that machine and the head spun as it should.. and if I connect this customers battery to the head it will spin (you can see in the image I modified a trigger system to test the batteries)

Surely I couldn't have had 3x bad motor bodies?

Could someone test the output from a good body at the motor body please ?
And whats the difference between an SV03 and SV05 ??

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