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Author Topic: Need help with reassembly Dyson DC18  (Read 1946 times)

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Need help with reassembly Dyson DC18
« on: January 19, 2019, 09:53:47 AM »
First off as a new member would like to thank this site and its members for the information they have shared online. I managed to repair my last used DC25 by following directions & photos on the site.
    I have a newly acquired/ used (free) DC18. Did a total teardown and clean. Pretty badly jammed up and filthy with actuator not working. Enough fur in all parts of it to cloth quite a few extremely large dogs for the winter ;)
   Of course in removing screws - parts have fallen off before getting a chance to eyeball how they were installed. In fact I can't be sure if anything is missing or broken because of parts separating before having a chance to see how connected.
   Reassembling now, the largest spring  came apart before having the opportunity to see how it had been connected. Totally at a stalemate now, because of. Wondering if anyone can direct me to a decent schematic that shows location of the large spring (on the dc25 I would have considered it the large spring pedal) and how it is attached. So far all diagrams for the model I have been able to find on line are terribly blurry and not much help in deciphering much of anything. For all I know the part may have been broken. Much appreciated if anyone can set me straight  :tiphat: Added some pictures in case it helps. For all I know the part the spring should attach to could be missing? I would think the spring should attach to the main unit, then the two other covers in separate picture will layer on top. Or ? the spring feeds thru opening on a top layer and attaches there? I cannot see how it is done.

Offline Jess

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Re: Need help with reassembly Dyson DC18
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2019, 02:19:28 AM »
Managed to get it resolved. I think. At least it seems to be working correctly on changing over the suction chamber.
The attach for the other end of the spring coming off the foot plate was a small plastic piece that fit onto the next layer of cowling to cover the base. It screwed on behind/near the chamber for the microswitch (brush roll power switch). I'd unscrewed both screws on the microswitch chamber when doing teardown - Which caused the spring to detach and come off the part and had no idea where it had attached or where the small plastic piece for it was supposed to go,  as it was inaccessible and hidden behind the switch on the underside when doing the teardown.  So it's up and running. Only issue is the clear plastic foot plate is broken but doesn't effect performance. Nice lil machine.



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