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Author Topic: Differences Between The Two Types of DC04 Back Hoses.  (Read 7608 times)

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Differences Between The Two Types of DC04 Back Hoses.
« on: November 03, 2010, 04:38:28 PM »
From time to time, we have people buying an incorrect hose for their DC04 assuming colour doesn't matter and they are all the same. This is just an informational topic to let people know that there are two variants; and one will not fit the other. Be sure you buy the right one.

This is the first type for machines without a clutch:

It has a rubber end (the end that slides onto the wand tube). This type only fits these two models:

That is the DC04i in grey/blue and the DC04 in grey/lime green.

This is the second type for machines with a clutch:

It has hard plastic end on and one or two buttons (depending on manufacturer) to release the wand tube from the hose. This type fits all other colour models.

Being the DC04 Limited Edition purple/pink, the DC04 Absolute Purple/Lime, the DC04 Zorbster grey/lavender, the DC04 De Stijl red/yellow/purple, the DC04 Absolute grey/purple/yellow and the DC04 Brush Control grey/yellow.

Make sure you buy the correct rear hose for your machine!

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