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Author Topic: Pye cambridge model 1013/LW  (Read 2633 times)

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Pye cambridge model 1013/LW
« on: March 18, 2019, 11:05:50 PM »
Decided to do something different for a change.
Had this unit in the lock up, think i bought it from an auction room or charity shop around 5 or 6 years ago !

My intention was not to restore it, but actually find any issues, get working and sell it on to someone who may collect / restore these.
It's a 60's / prob early 70's portable record player with mw/lw tuner and integrated speakers.

Faults discovered upon inspection...
radio not working
left speaker not working
turntable speed switch seized solid
main arm a lot wobbly

Radio loss was due to mode switch wafers being dirty. Quite a common thing in older radio equipment.
Left speaker was the speaker coil wire dropped off the tab, so resoldered and now ok.
Turntable speed switch was a bit of a mare, seized solid, removed turntable and the plate holding speed switch...
freed it off eventually - but noticed rust on inside of turntable and the driven rubber jocky wheel was as bad.

cleaned it up and boiled it for a few min in the kettle brought the rubber back soft.
turntable inner rust rubbed out the rust with some scotchbrite and cleaned with meths.
A drop of oil into the main motor bearing also.
Main arm - locking ring on underside removed - shaft pulled out, cleaned, ballast spring stretched, regreased and reassembled sorted that.
All moving parts, shafts cleaned and regreased.
i only have an old scratched 45, so tested speeds on this.
Radio was still tuning quite accurate compared to my old panasonic digital radio readout.
Will upload a video of the event later when my internet upload finishes on youtube


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