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Author Topic: DC04 Model Index -- The Different Colours They Made  (Read 31644 times)

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DC04 Model Index -- The Different Colours They Made
« on: November 03, 2010, 05:50:03 PM »
People often ask about the colour variations available on Dysons. If the colours have any significance and/or if they denote different specification. I will try to demystify some of those questions here about the DC04.

This the grey and lime DC04.

Entry level machine. Supposedly only for carpeted homes as it doesn't have a clutch. In reality, they are OK on laminate floors too we find. For some reason, Dyson fitted a different motor to these clutchless machines than the rest of the range. Actually, a very good Italian Ametek motor.

This is the grey and blue DC04i (The "i" stands for "independent" in case you wondered).

For all intents and purposes, this is a colour variant of the machine above. Also clutchless. There were fewer of these made than most other models, so you don't see them so often.

This is the DC04 Limited Edition.

In purple and pink. Perhaps not the first choice of colours you would put together, but some people like them. These are "all floors" models fitted with a clutch. They are also originally fitted with a HEPA post motor filter.

This is the DC04 Absolute.

In purple and green or grey, purple and yellow. Technically similar to the Limited Edition above. Also "all floors" models fitted with a clutch. They are also originally fitted with a HEPA post motor filter.

This is the DC04 Zorbster

In grey and lavender. These were designed to double up as a carpet dry cleaning machine. They have an aperture on the front of the body that one can fit a hopper to that dispenses Zorb crystals onto your carpet that could later be vacuumed back up -- together with the dirt apparently. They were never terribly popular as a carpet dry cleaning machine in our opinion; most people tended to use them as a regular vacuum.

When we recondition these machines today, we tend convert them to a regular "all floors" machine, removing the carpet cleaning facility. If you want one supplied with the original carpet cleaning facility intact, and with a new crystal-dispensing hopper, give us a call. We can do that.

This the DC04 De Stijl.

In red, yellow and purple. The phrase "De Stijl" refers to the colour combination. "De Stijl" is Dutch for "The Style". You can read more about the concepts of De Stijl here. Technically, they are the same as any other "all floors" model with a HEPA filter and a clutch. They are not as common as other colour combinations, and reconditioned models tend to command a few pounds more than regular models. If you want one of these models reconditioned, give us a call and we will put you in our book and let you know when we have one in stock.

This is the DC04 Brush Control.

In grey and yellow. This is probably the most popular colour combination of the range. Also an "all floors" model fitted with a clutch, but a standard post motor filter pad (as opposed to a HEPA filter) fitted originally.

Here is the simple version:

When presented with such a large range of models, most peoples heads spin.  :reading:  Let's try to make it simpler.

First choice is clutch or no clutch: In English, that is "carpets" or "all types of floors". In reality, any DC04 will clean any floor surface adequately in our opinion. A machine without a clutch has a regular belt driving the brushroll from the motor. This means, if you catch something in it, the belt will snap as with most other vacuum cleaners.

A machine with a clutch has a mechanism between the motor and the brushroll (necessitating two belts). This means if you vacuum up a sock for example, a loud ratcheting noise will be heard (this is the clutch mechanism, doing what it is designed to do), you can stop the machine, extricate the offending item from the brushroll, and you are good to go again with no snapped belts. The clutch mechanism also allows you to switch off the rotating brushroll and simply have suction with no "beater bar" action.

Next choice is filters: DC04's have two filters. The main sponge one in the cyclone unit (the pre motor filter) is the same across all models.

The post motor filter is the one located under a plastic grill that you can see when you remove your cyclone. That is either a standard filter pad or a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter captures more particles from the air as air passes through it, and is more beneficial for those suffering from allergies and asthma etc.

If buying a reconditioned machine, we can fit a HEPA filter to any colour machine. We can add or remove a clutch from any colour machine. All you need to do is choose the colour you prefer (if you have a preference). If you want a reconditioned DC04 in a particular colour, or with a particular specification, give us a call before you order to check availability of what you want.

You can get a reconditioned Dyson DC04 from us here: Reconditioned Dyson DC04

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