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design engineer
« on: August 21, 2011, 07:48:36 PM »
I wonder what it is like being a product engineer for other vacuum companies. It can't be easy knowing that your product, no matter how good it is, will allways be referred to by customers as:

"I would love to have gotten a dyson but I couldn't fit it in the budget"!!!!

It too must be frustrating for Electrolux and Hoover to have gone from leaders in the industry to followers and I don't see it changing. Dysons R&D budget is often hundreds of times more than theer competitors who have opted to make their machines as cheap as possible now to still hold market share.

The only thing for these guys to do is to concentrate on products that dyson has not yet done.

Bissell did this with their upright carpet cleaners, which by the way are fantastic, and that is how they overtook both Hoover and Eureka (USA version of Electrolux but confusingly you get Electrolux there now too but its more premium and sells AEG products) to become the USA no1 sellig brand
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