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Author Topic: Vacuum cleaner collector lands dream job with Dyson  (Read 7583 times)

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Vacuum cleaner collector lands dream job with Dyson
« on: August 31, 2011, 05:25:22 PM »
A young man who has amassed a collection of 120 vacuum cleaners has landed his dream job - working for Dyson.
Jack Copp, 24, from Malmesbury, in Wilts, began collecting the machines when he was just five, after overcoming a phobia of them.
And now Mr Copp, who has spent hundreds of pounds on his hobby, has secured a job working as a customer service assistant at vacuum giant Dyson.

A spokesperson for Dyson said, ‘Mr Copp approached us, wanting to put his unique experience to good use. We decided to give him a job.’
Mr Copp’s interest in vacuum cleaners dates back to an event in his early childhood. ‘Lots of children played with Lego when they were young, but for me it was vacuum cleaners,’ he said.
‘When I was five I was terrified of my grandmother's vacuum cleaner. One day to stop me being scared she turned it upside down and showed me how it worked.

‘Since then I have been fascinated by understanding how they work - it's the ultimate Meccano set.
‘People would bring their vacuums to me if they were broken and I would have them repaired by the
next day.

‘But because they had resigned themselves to it being broken they would let me keep it.’

Mr Copp will be using his expansive knowledge of vacuum cleaner mechanics in his new role, which he started at Dyson’s office in Malmesbury, in Wilts, this month.

It’s not just the mechanics of vacuum cleaners that interests him. Mr Copp said:  ‘I love vacuuming the house, even as a boy mum would never have to do it because I had already made the place spotless.

‘The first thing anyone asks me when they find out about my hobby is 'you must have the cleanest house in the world' and it's true.
‘For me, not enjoying vacuum cleaning would be like someone who collects cars not enjoying driving.

‘I would even ask my parents for vacuum cleaners for Christmas and birthdays.

‘The evolution of the machines is also fascinating to me. The oldest I own is a Hoover Model 541 dating back to 1923.It's difficult to say which machine is my favourite because they are all special to me.
‘In particular, I like the vintage versions, because they have some history to them. I get quite a few pieces from eBay. When I find one I've been looking for for a while it's like completing the missing link in Darwin's chain of evolution.

‘I'm always first in line when a new Dyson is released and I once met James Dyson. He told me about his childhood memories of being made to vacuum and having to stand on a chair to plug the cleaner into a light-socket because there were no wall sockets in the early days.’

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Re: Vacuum cleaner collector lands dream job with Dyson
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2012, 04:49:35 PM »
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