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Author Topic: How to Rebuild a Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Motor to Replace the Bearings and Brushes  (Read 1439 times)

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How to Strip Down and Rebuild a Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Motor to Replace the Bearings and Carbon Brushes

In this video you can see our top tech stripping down a Sebo vacuum cleaner motor and rebuilding it. From this you can learn how to change the bearings and carbon brushes.

Our online shop sells the bearings, carbon brushes, the puller tool and anything and everything you need for your Sebo vacuum cleaner.

The video deliberately has no commentary. This is because stripping a motor down in this way is not an amateur job (despite the fact our chap makes it look easy). This video is designed to give the already experienced engineer an oversight into the methodology and sequence we use.

If that looks too involved for you, we sell both genuine and after-market replacement motors too.

The Sebo Shop at Manchester Vacs are approved Sebo dealers and we are the largest independent vacuum store in the North of England. We carry pretty much everything for your Sebo vacuum and also have many of our own exclusive lines such as tool adaptors and dog grooming tools for your Sebo. Delivery is no-nonsense fully tracked DPD next working day on everything. Find us here: >>Sebo vacuum cleaner Spares<<



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