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Author Topic: Breathing new life into my DC05  (Read 2188 times)

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Breathing new life into my DC05
« on: June 22, 2020, 04:06:26 pm »
Hi Manchester Vacs... I'm wondering if anyone can help me breath new life into my aging, nearly 20 year old DC05?

In 2013 I got a new motor from Manchester Vacs and it was reborn back then, the motor still works but the rest of the cleaner is gradually falling to bits and I note spares seem to be hard to come by, so let me just outline whats currently wrong (that I need to fix, some faults like the shonky cord rewind I can live with) and how they might be solved or am I  better off finally junking this one (wife has nagged me into buying a Xiaomi cordless vac anyway so the DC05 will be kept as a backup because I know cordless vacs are useless long term once the non removeable batteries go!).. so, here goes:

1. The yellow power button press keeps popping off randomly, I can't see why but it seems to sit slightly wonky on that pivot mounting it has when pressed and the force of the spring then seems to make it pop off when pressed, is this a common fault?

2. The wand handle broke about 6 years ago so I bought what looked like an original replacement but it was very, very accurate copy of it. Except in one way. The bloomin' locking clip keeps flying off as it seems the locating "pegs" for the clip are just not big/deep enough. I'm not sure if this can be fixed or if I have to junk it and get another, but i see the wands are no longer available new from anywhere, any solution for this?

3. The extension wand itself is fine, it was replaced about 8 years ago so there's still plenty of life in it but the original floor tool has now had it, one of the wheels has gone wonky and the plastic frame that the sole plate it retracts into has cracked meaning it doesn't latch correctly every time, so that needs replacing, I don't think i've seen this original tool on the manchester vacs site but they've got the turbo head still, are they actually new? And do they clip onto the end of the wand as the original floor tool does or just push fit on like the (annoying) offical flat out tool I bought from Dyson a few years back does (when trying then to solve this problem)? Not being clipped on is a pain because the head just ends up twisting around so those adapters which just turn it into a push fit are a waste of time IMHO!

Because wand handles and floor tools seem hard to come by I'm left to wonder something, As later models like the DC19 (for example) still have parts more widely available/made is there anyway to re-engineer the DC05 to accept those wand handle/wand/floor tool parts? e.g. is the hose the same diameter for both models and can the mounting clip on the DC05 be undone to accept a DC19 hose instead (I assume the DC19 has a different connection on the wand end that's why I say that), this is something anyone has ever looked into? It just seems a shame that you end up having to junk a working machine because the tools have had it...

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Re: Breathing new life into my DC05
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2020, 10:50:03 am »

It may be worth having a nosey on eBay as I’ve just had a little five minute browse under “Dyson dc05 tools” and there’s a right mix of second hand genuine and aftermarket new accessories that I guess you could make a new tool kit up with. It would be great if the likes of qtex made an aftermarket kit like the Numatic kits you can buy but there mustn’t be the demand for them
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