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Author Topic: Sebo X 1.1 - 'Bag Full or Clog' and 'Check Brush' Flash But Machine Doesn't Work  (Read 678 times)

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Hello Everyone,

On Tuesday night (29th December), I switched on my Sebo X 1.1. It ran for a few seconds, then, suddenly, the pipe seemed to lose suction, the machine started sounding wheezy, slow and weak, and it wouldn't work properly. There was also an upleasant burning smell.

I tried it again. Same weird sound, so I switched it off. I don't remember clearly, but I think that the 'Bag Full or Clog', and 'Check Brush' lights might also have flashed.

I left it, and tried again on Wednesday evening. When I switched it on, the 'Bag Full or Clog', and 'Check Brush' lights flashed once, but the machine didn't start.

I replaced the bag, cleaned the brush, and checked everywhere for clogs. Switched it on again. The machine ran, but sounded very slow and wheezy, and didn't seem to be sucking properly at all. The 'Bag Full or Clog', and 'Check Brush' lights were also flashing.

I have since opened up the base, thinking that there is a problem there, either with the PCB sensor (my X 1.1 has the early type PCB board, the one one with the hole in it), the other board, or with the motor or the carbon brushes.

Tried to run many times since. The 'Bag Full or Clog', and 'Check Brush' lights flash once, but the machine doesn't work.

If anyone could please advise me on this, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello again,

As an update to the above, I have since removed the handle assembly, and attached the handle assembly from another, working, Sebo X 1.1 (the only spare part I have to hand from the other Sebo), and the same thing happens, so I think that I can safely rule out the handle assembly (inc. wire from there to the plug) being the problem.

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It's either the motor or one of the boards.

Does the motor bench test OK?



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