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Author Topic: Please Can You Identify What V6 Stick Hoover This Motorized Head Comes From?...  (Read 2141 times)

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Please can you identify what V6 Stick Hoover This Motorized Head Comes From?...

I was trying to get a motorized head for a Dyson v6 Total Clean, but bought this instead by mistake and now want to sell it, but I've spent hours trying to find out what it is compatible with so people don't have to be thick like me and buy the wrong one.

Details from the listing I made:

The Numbers on the Label Are:

Part Number: 102882

21 27772


This is a 50 watt version.

I have seen others for sale that have a “01” on the end; "102882-01". I don't know if that makes any difference?… Most (or all?) of them seem to have the 35 Watt motor...

I’ve just seen some for sale on eBay that are labelled with the Part Number 102882 but they have a 35 watt motor, so THAT'S (not) HELPFUL of Dyson to use the same number for both a 35w and 50w head.

This head is possibly for a “Dyson V6 Motorhead”; the one with the pink/fuchsia stick; I’m not 100% sure though. (Previous owner of the head said her V6 had a pink/fuchsia stick).

This one looks the same, for the V6 Absolute. It has same connector, is 50 watts, but it has a different Part Number (966084-03). It is listed as "966084-03" but when I go to the pictures, I can see on the label it says 102882. So I'm thinking those two might be interchangeable or identical heads just with different part numbers?.:

Very possible there are different numbers for the same head if it's UK vs US version?..

Seeing your post about connectors, it looks like it's the V6 Absolute connector. But the Part Number for the 50w Absolute head is 966084-03, and the one I have is 102882...

So confusing....

Just found out there is a pink V6 Absolute; so it looks more likely that is the one. But the part numbers are still not right.

I've tried searching for "Dyson V6 absolute head 102882" and I'm getting nowt.

I spent about 8 hours trying to find out what it's compatible with yesterday >.< lol. Could Dyson make it any more complicated?..

I just saw on another recent thread:
“Not just the electrical fitting are different - The SV03 can only power the 996083-01 (35w) /102882-01 version of the direct drive head but not the 50w (996083-03 /102882) version. You need the SV05 in order to do that. I believe the SV03 motor units belong to all the V6 Models up to the Total Clean - hence why the Total Clean only comes with the 35W direct drive motor brush head. BTW if you put the SV03 on max setting the 35W motorhead stops.”

Does that mean these two are the same version then 996083-03 /102882?...
Are they totally interchangeable?..

Whoops. Too many numbers. I thought that was 966084-03 - not 996083-03. When I find listings for the 50w Absolute head they say 966084-03. But it sounds like they were talking about the same head. So are all three of these the same head?..  966084-03 / 996083-03 / 102882.

Just did a Yahoo search for "Dyson 996083-03" and "Dyson 996083" and got nothing.

Ah is this right?
35 watt head for absolute - 996083-01 /102882-01 ?….
50 watt head for absolute - 996083-03 /102882 ?

Or did they make a mistake and mean to put 966084-03?..

So it might be?..:
35 watt head for absolute - 966084-01 /102882-01 ?….
50 watt head for absolute - 966084-03 /102882 ?

The SV05 = V6 Absolute, and ONLY the V6 Absolute?.. Is there a V6 Absolute Plus as well?.. I think there is a red and pink absolute, and I've seen people warn to not order the wrong head based on the colour because they are different?..

Here's an example of them on about there being a difference between red and pink Absolutes:

It has the same connector, is 50 watts, part number 966084-03.


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Just sold it, hopefully it is the right one they want...

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For future reference, there's a topic here in the stickies that shows the differences between the different connections.



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