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Author Topic: Dyson Model Countdown - All the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Models  (Read 7743 times)

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Dyson Model Countdown - All the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Models
« on: September 25, 2011, 04:10:08 PM »
All the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Models

How many Dysons are there? Dyson makes so many different models of vacuum cleaner, and are always introducing new ones onto the market, that people find the model numbers very confusing.
Was the DC01 the first? No it wasn’t actually. The first widely-available vacuum cleaner James Dyson made was called the ‘G-Force’ . It was the first vacuum cleaner to use “Dual Cyclone” separation technology. The G-Force was licensed to the Japanese company Apex Inc., and only available on the Japanese market. It was not sold under the Dyson name. James Dyson later used the money he earned from the G-Force to start up the Dyson company we know today. However, the DC01 was the first machine offered to the British market.

The latest model at the time of writing this article is the DC41. A new generation ball machine that has just recently been launched.

However, what about all the Dysons in-between the DC01 and the DC41? Logic would suggest that there are another 39 of them, but there isn’t. The DC06 was a robotic vacuum cleaner that never made it to full production. The DC09 and DC10 were never made because they sounded like an air plane. The DC13 was never made because of superstition. There is no DC37, DC38 or DC40 yet that we know of. But, of course, there might well be tomorrow.

By the time you are reading this, they may be up to the DC77. Who knows?

Check out the video below for a canter through all the Dyson vacuum cleaner models made to date.

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Re: Dyson Model Countdown - All the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Models
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There were a couple in there I had forgotten. Thanks.  :tiphat:

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