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Author Topic: Hi there and advice on selling please  (Read 2247 times)

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Hi there and advice on selling please
« on: April 09, 2021, 05:55:10 PM »
Hi all

Well my wife is obsessed with the stick Dysons, through lockdown ive just been buying dirty stick dysons where people say they are faulty and ive managed to fix them and clean them up.

Usually need unblocking, cleaning and new filter.

I made 50 odd pound profit on one machine my best week was just over 100 pounds profit, I may of got lucky.

My question is I need to find more faulty machines, what happens when customers return their faulty goods to the catalogue companies etc?

its a grind trying to find suitable machines to clean up and sell on.

anyone got any advise for me?

would really appreciate it


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