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Author Topic: Dyson V11 - beware of low quality and non-existent warranty repair  (Read 2806 times)

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In this post I merely share my personal experience with my Dyson V11 Absolute.

After about one year of use my V11 broke - the trigger button failed. I found dozens of other customers sharing similar experience all over the world. I was puzzled, why all of them describe various methods of device repair, and not using hyped Dyson warranty services?

I thought I might be smarter and get my device repaired as it was still on warranty.

After writing to local warranty service and sending all asked info, the repair case number was assigned and a collection time for picking up a box with a packed main unit was quickly scheduled. Waiting whole day on scheduled date was in vain, no one came.

I decided not give up so easily. One more time I contacted regional Dyson office and get another collection date. Ironically, a new collection date was scheduled 8 months ahead, right to the moment when warranty expires. And as a cherry on cake few days later Dyson sent me an evaluation form to rate the quality of their service.

My "repair" case clearly shows that the quality of newer Dyson models is not as high as claimed and does not justify their price. Many clients like me are left with their broken devices and deemed to start their DIY project with the help of such forums...

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Re: Dyson V11 - beware of low quality and non-existent warranty repair
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We'll have that trigger in stock in a few days if you fancy a DIY repair. But it's not a straightforward job.



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