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Author Topic: DC40 carbon brush replacements for motor or measurements for unworn part  (Read 1835 times)

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Hi, I'm new here & my name is Lisa. My teenage son found your forum while we were looking for replacement carbon brushes for a DC40 motor. My dad is almost 90 years old and doesn't get online or use a cell phone. He's also a retired Ford mechanic, an US Air Force veteran & has always fixed our vacuums for as long as I can remember.

He has, in the past, been able to make this same repair by buying replacement carbon brushes for his yellow Dyson DC40 vacuum. This time, he was told he would have to buy an entire motor to replace those brushes. He is determined to not spend money that he can't afford when the brushes are all he needs. So here I am trying to help.

I think the DC40 motor manufactured for the USA was either a Panasonic SDS853ATDB, or Dyson part 921440-01 manufactured by Panasonic. I was able to find a listing on Amazon for that Dyson motor thinking I would buy it for him, take out the brushes from the new motor & give them to him to solder on to the housing of his existing DC40 motor. Does anyone know if the Panasonic SDS853ATDB really is the motor we need to buy? If I take out those carbon brushes, will they or the housing fit exactly in his DC40 vacuum?

My dad said he can grind down to the correct size whatever carbon brushes I can find that are larger. However, he has not been using his tools for the past few years due to poor eyesight and other health concerns. I've attached a photo of one of the current worn down brushes from his DC40. If I could find out what the measurements are for new, unworn carbon brushes that fit the original DC40 motor, I could possibly find brushes that fit inside the housing without much grinding. Does anyone where how to find that information or have those brush measurements from when Dyson used to sell that part?

I'd appreciate any help. My dad is widowed and lives alone in another city that's a three hour drive & he's fixated on repairing this machine as my mom loved having it. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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I wouldn't bother trying to change the carbon brushes on a Dyson motor, the motors are not well engineered enough to be serviceable.

It usually doesn't solve the problem. It will spark like a firework afterwards. The armature is generally shot.

For many people with old school engineering experience like your Dad, changing the brushes seems the obvious thing to do. With a good quality motor perhaps, but not with a Dyson one.

Better to buy a replacement motor.

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