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Author Topic: DC07 Snapped Bin Flap Push Rod  (Read 4535 times)

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DC07 Snapped Bin Flap Push Rod
« on: October 15, 2011, 03:39:57 PM »
My old faithful Dyson DC07 (non-clutch, grey & yellow) has finally broken; the bin flap won't open.  Looked at buying a new model Dyson and nearly swallowed my tongue at the price.  Decided if they were that expensive I'd have a go at 'fixing' mine myself... seeing as it's already unusable.

Long story short, the problem seems to be that the Bin Flap Push Rod has snapped very near the top.  Tried gluing, but no joy (wasn't very hopeful, but you never know).   :'(

Thanks to manchervacs I've at least diagnosed the fault and believe I can fix it myself.  :bow:

The one problem I have is that the push rod in my Dyson looks like the one in your schematics (looks like a plastic aerial half way down the rod, which prevents it being pulled out of the cyclone unit), not the one you have advertised as a replacement (which is just a straight rod).  Can someone tell me if the replacement straight one will fit my Dyson please and how to get the old one out..?  :snivel:

Also, browsing the parts I noticed the Hepa Allergy Animal Filter.  Will this fit in my Dyson instead of the Post Motor Filter Pad or as well as..?

Many thanks for any and all help.   ;)

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Re: DC07 Snapped Bin Flap Push Rod
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2011, 06:33:23 PM »

If you take the top of the cyclone off (which you've probably already done), remove the clear bin and look straight down from the top and lift the rod  and maneuver it past the part it clips on at the bottom.
Also the straight rod will fit.

Secondly, the hepa filter will fit I believe but I think you need a hepa filter seal?  :grinn:

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