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Author Topic: Dyson versus other brands u tube  (Read 4121 times)

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Dyson versus other brands u tube
« on: November 29, 2010, 10:38:44 AM »
I had a good laugh today after checking out some clips on U tube to do with dyson vacuum cleaners.
My Favorite ones were by the vacuum cleaner shops that made clips telling every body why dyson is Bad and there shop brand is much better ( always a machine that uses bags Miele riccar morse)

What I laughed at is how desperate these guys are that they will think of any thing to say

One guy says that “you have to buy a filter every time its clogs at 30 dollars, obviously he was to thick to read the label on the side of the machine that says WASH every 3 -6 months  :'(

He also said that “when the belt breaks (he was showing a dc07 brush control model) you would have to pay 70 dollars to get a new one and that the belt for his vacuum ( a morse) only cost 5 dollars”
The belt on my old vacuum used to break about once a month (really thick carpets) my dc14 is now 4 years old no breaking of belts

Another says that “dyson states if you have allergy’s you should empty the dust container into a plastic bag” .
That’s true they do.
 He then goes on to say that “why not just buy a machine (Mielè) that puts it into a bag in the first place”
Well that’s because dust bin liners don’t cost £25.00 for 5 bags so its cheaper to use a dyson.

The point is that these guys are running scared; they are loosing money to a better product. If it wasn’t a good vacuum cleaner they wouldn’t sell so well.

They are loosing money not only from the sale of the machine but also the bags and belts

Before I had my Dysons I had a really nice Electrolux ultra smart vac great machine but in my house that is biggish with my 11 cats 3 dogs and 2 sons we used to go through 2 paper bags a week. That’s a lot of money for some one to make off me.

I recently had a customer who was in between buying a dyson dc25 or a bagged premium vacuum cleaner from another store.
She told me that the Salesman had told her bad things about a Dysons and that his machine was better.
I said to her that obvcource he would and then I put this to her to think about.
If she buys the dyson from us she won’t be spending any more money with us for at least 5 years but that she would be spending a nice R 250.00 every second month with the other shop.
Dyson sold  ;D   
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