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Author Topic: DC27 Motor swap  (Read 5049 times)

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DC27 Motor swap
« on: January 01, 2012, 04:45:54 PM »
Hi Everybody

I am trying to do a motor swap on a DC27 All Floors. I have successfully removed the brush roll & carrier. The carrier seems tighter than earlier models and it was a little nerve racking applying the necessary force to pop it out!! I now need to remove the clutch cover. This meshes with the diverter valve actuating mechanism. This is a totally different set up to all earlier Dyson uprights. I can remove the pivot at the bottom but the actuating rod for the diverter is still attached at the other end. Anybody know how to remove it or have any other pearls of wisdom re doing a motor swap on the DC27?


p.s. Have now sussed this out. With the pivot pin removed from the diverter actuator it is possible to slide the rod sideways so that it comes off the lug in the clutch cover. n.b. when re-assembling make sure that the cam on the clear diverter actuating wheel is facing out at the back of the machine otherwise it isn't possible to re-align the actuating rod with the pivot pin. It is possible to re-fit the undercarriage with the actuator facing the wrong way as I found out, necessitating removing again!!

Generally I seemed to struggle more swapping the motor on this, than on a DC04/07/14 although intrinsically the set up is the same apart from the diverter. Practice make perfect and I am sure I will struggle less next time!

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