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Author Topic: Dyson - Most Innovative Company  (Read 4321 times)

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Dyson - Most Innovative Company
« on: February 01, 2012, 05:22:55 PM »
Did anyone else see that Dyson topped the charts as Britains most innovative company -

I'd have to agree looking at the other companies in the top 10!

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Re: Dyson - Most Innovative Company
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2012, 11:34:37 PM »
Top 10 companies:
1    Dyson
2    Tesco
3    Virgin Media
4    BBC
5    Innocent Drinks
6    M&S
7    Cancer Research
8    BskyB
9    John Lewis
10   BT

Dyson *is* an innovative company. One of the reasons we built our business and chose Dyson as an exclusive brand is because we believed in the products. I had used them since day one. You cant sell something you don't believe in. Yes, they make some mistakes (Crappy DC24 brush bar motors for example) but they get much of it right.  :icon_nod:

Tesco isn't a big surprise at number two. They do like...... everything! In hindsight, we all should have bought shares in Tesco five years ago.

Virgin, I dunno...... I believe in Virgin as a good brand, or rather, I believe in beardy's (as Jezza calls him) vision for Virgin. I read his books and and after doing so you cant help but like the guy. When you learn the history of Virgin and Richard's fights with BA and Lord King and how they started, you cant help but admire him. Any small businessman can relate to some of Branson's stories in his books. We all strive for happy customers and to build a brand that has recognition and meaning. I think Beardy deserves every penny. He has worked bloody hard!  :thumbsup:

A buddy of mine was on a Virgin Pendolino train from Manchester to London. He was minding his own business nursing his cup of coffee. Beardy walks down the carriage, sits down next to him and says, "What do you think about the train?" They had a chat. How cool is that? He called me up and said, "Guess who I am sitting next to?"  8)

Number five is surprising. Innocent drinks? The guy who runs that - if memory serves - used to work for Alan Sugar. Yes, they are a good brand, but number five in that list? Hmmm... did they slip a sly fifty on someone's pocket?  :-X

Cancer Research and BSkyB - are they innovative?  :-\

John Lewis?  :))  Did they take the poll in the Cheshire triangle? (The north's answer to 'the only way is Essex') The home of autumnal coloured people, swimming pools the shape of Cadillacs and electric, vibrating, leopardskin-covered, guitar-shaped water beds.



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