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Author Topic: Dyson DC33- Cyclone seal  (Read 9715 times)

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Dyson DC33- Cyclone seal
« on: June 14, 2012, 08:54:03 pm »
Hi all,

First time posting though I've had a browse of the forums before :-).  Hoping somebody may be able to offer some advice.  I recently picked up a DC33 Animal with very little suction- I initially put this down to dirty filters, but on further investigation the foam/rubber membrane seal at the top of the cyclone unit has torn at the top of the cyclones (see pic below), presumably allowing more fine dust through to the filters.   

Looking at a few sites online, this seems to be a common problem for this model, and has been explained as a possible material defect.  I called Dyson to enquire about a replacement seal, and was told that I have invalidated the guarantee by removing a few screws (doh, should have seen that one coming!) and that only the complete cyclone unit is available to buy at £40.  A little steep considering the seal must cost just a few pence. 

My question is, if anyone has come across this before, is this seal really needed except around the gaps between the cyclone cones?  I'm wondering about using the original to fabricate a new one from similar foam material. 

Any help appreciated!



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Re: Dyson DC33- Cyclone seal
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2012, 10:38:36 pm »
Welcome to the site Rob.  :tiphat:

I have seen them patched up in the past with a little silicone sealer (left to set for a day or two of course). That or fabricating your own replacement is the only answer here.

As noted, Dyson wont supply these seals on their own - and they really should IMO. (They like to read here so we hope someone might pass that one along  :-X).

Personally, if the machine is in warranty, I would call them again to complain about the pants service you have received. Taking a few screws out is no hardship for a practical fellow to ascertain the nature of what we must assume to be a design fault. If you chew their ear a bit and ask to speak to a manager, my bet is they will cough up a replacement cyclone - as they should.

To be fair, their customer service usually isn't too bad, and something like that seal really shouldn't fail in such a short time since the DC33 was launched. 'Invalidation of warranty' is a get out. It may be technically correct, but as they value their reputation, the ten quid or so a cyclone unit must cost them to make is pocket change for a company that wants decent PR.

What they *really* don't want is people writing about their *potential* design faults on the net.  ;)  A potential customer might just read this it and clear off and buy a Hoover instead. (Did I say Hoover?  :sick0012: Wash my mouth with soapy water. I never got my Florida flights from them in the 90's....)

A polite, yet insistent email, together with a link to this topic, *might* just change their mind. Wouldn't it be nice if you could come back to the topic and say they came through and the customer service is superb after all?

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Re: Dyson DC33- Cyclone seal
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2012, 07:40:41 pm »
i have the same problem with two machines.
contacted dyson and got told i have to buy complete cyclones, coz warranty is invalid as we use them in our office three days a week,and they cant supply me with a new seal as "they are made in malaysia and we cant get them".

lets see what watchdog have to say about dyson.


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