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Author Topic: Dyson DC05 motor  (Read 2331 times)

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Dyson DC05 motor
« on: February 27, 2013, 07:48:31 PM »
I changed the motor on my DC05 about 6 months ago after  the old one eventually burnt itself out.
I have tried using it a couple of times recently and it has worked intermittently. I thought it was the fuse as when I changed it, the machine worked again.  However it has stopped working all together now.
I have taken it apart down to the motor and all of the connections are in place and there appears to be no signs of burning or smell.  When I tested the motor when the Dyson was stripped down, there was a ticking sound briefly before it stopped again.
Does anybody have any ideas what is wrong with the old work horse and how to fix it?

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Re: Dyson DC05 motor
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2013, 11:28:28 PM »
Have you bench tested the motor out of the machine? If not, do that first.

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