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Author Topic: DC15 Brushbar won't shut off manually or when vacuume is in standing position  (Read 6482 times)

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Thanks in advance for any ideas. 

It seems my DC15 Brushbar will not shut off with the switch or when the machine is set to the standing position.
I've tried cycling the Brushbar switch, and cussing at it, but neither of those worked, and that is the limit of my troubleshooting ideas.

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Maybe the micro switch is faulty or jammed.

It looks like this:

And is located >>here<<.

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Thanks for the help!  It seems that the "Spring Mount Assembly"  Part 53 was sticking.  As I was disassembling the other side, I was playing with it and I heard it "click" and now all is well.

Thanks again.

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It is the micro switch, try first air compressor and blow the dirt of it. This works for me lots of times. If not replace. The switch is located towards the back if you are standing behind the vacuum, right above the left side of the stabilizer.



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