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New Vacuum Cleaners

For those wanting a new mains-powered vacuum cleaner, we usually recommend Sebo. Sebo are frequently voted Which? magazine’s “best buy” and “most reliable brand”. We are approved Sebo dealers and carry the full range. Sebo makes both a commercial and domestic range and has a five-year guarantee (one year for commercial machines). Sebo are bagged machines – that means no filters to wash and no routine servicing required. 

You can find out more about Sebo on >>this informative topic<< on our forums. To be fully informed as to why we recommend Sebo, our opinion on the bagless -v- bagged debate, and much more, please read our full guide >>how to choose a vacuum cleaner<<.

We occasionally have new Dyson and Gtech cordless models in store too, but not all the time – please >>email us<< to see what we have this week before you travel. 

We no longer sell mains powered Dyson vacuums new – only reconditioned. We don't stock Vax, Hoover, Electrolux, Shark, etc. because there is simply no need – we eschew mediocrity and don’t want to sell you a product we don’t believe in. 

Reconditioned Dyson and Sebo Vacuums

We sell reconditioned mains-powered Dyson and Sebo vacuums in our shop. We don’t sell reconditioned cordless models for a variety of reasons. The models we sell are mostly mains-powered upright models that we consider to be the most robust and well-engineered in the range.

Purchasing a reconditioned vacuum from us is green; it reduces the amount of end-of-life electrical appliances going into landfill. It means less new plastic is manufactured and that helps the planet. Best of all, buying a refurbished Dyson or Sebo from us saves you money!

Information About Our Refurbished Dyson and Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

Any Dyson or Sebo vacuum cleaner we sell as refurbished has had some quite extensive work done to it. People often ask us what we have done to our refurbished machines; below we explain.

We start by taking the machine completely to pieces. Only when fully dismantled into its component parts, are we able to scrutinise each part and rebuild it to our high standard.

We replace anything found to be defective during the rebuild so you can be confident you are getting a properly refurbished Dyson. We do not buy our refurbished Dysons from elsewhere, they are all rebuilt right here in our Stockport workshop.

Below is our typical refurbishment procedure:

  • The machine is dismantled into its component parts.
  • All component parts are cleaned and disinfected properly to remove dirt, bacteria and odours.
  • The cyclone is dismantled and the internal airways are pressure cleaned to restore like new performance.
  • We bench and meter test the motor and replace it if it is not running perfectly (some models routinely get a new motor).
  • All bearings and moving parts are lubricated and/or replaced as necessary.
  • The brush roller bristles are checked for efficient length.
  • The electrical cable, internal wiring and electrical components are checked for safety – many routinely get new cables.
  • All hoses and seals are examined and replaced as necessary.
  • The vacuum is rebuilt, using clean filters and made to operate with full suction as if it were new again.

We are confident that our refurbished machines are of an excellent standard. We offer our no quibble six-month guarantee on all refurbished machines.

Be cautious about other sellers of reconditioned Dysons. Many operate only on the internet (beware eBay, Facebook and Gumtree), or from car boot sales or market stalls and offer no physical address. This means you don’t know who they are or what they actually do to their machines. You have no recourse if you are sold a faulty or unsafe machine by a fly-by-night, internet-only or car boot sale/market stall seller. We repair many machines that people recently bought in good faith from Facebook, eBay, car boot sales, Gumtree and market stalls.


Reconditioned Dyson vacuums are typically priced between £99 and £135 depending on model. Reconditioned Sebo vacuums are typically priced between £129 and £169 depending on model. New upright Sebos are typically priced between £259 and £329. 

Online Sales

We no longer sell new or reconditioned Dysons online. We sell new and reconditioned Sebos online from our dedicated Sebo website here: The Sebo Shop

Visiting Us

If you are planning to visit us to buy a vacuum, please do not telephone us for directions, a postcode or opening times  instead take a moment to read the >>information for visitors<< page, which has a map, directions, payment methods, parking and navigation information, opening times and everything you need to know before you travel.

Further Advice

Not sure which vacuum you want? Why not >>make a free account on our discussion forums<<, and make a new topic in our >>which vacuum is for me?<< room? You can outline your vacuuming needs, read historical topics and ask our members to recommend the best model for you.