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  • As the North's leading independent Dyson and Sebo specialist, we get many telephone calls (and even more e-mails) to our shop from people seeking DIY Dyson repair advice. Unfortunately, as much as we like to help people, we are so busy that we are unable to offer free one-to-one repair advice over the telephone, social media DMs, or email. We request that people not telephone us asking to speak to our engineers for free DIY repair advice or tutorials, as a refusal can often offend.
  • This part of our site is here to direct you to various online resources where you will likely get the information you need free of charge.

Our Dyson Forums

  • Our Dyson Forums: You can get free advice on anything Dyson by joining our discussion forums. As well as our own people, there are many in the Dyson business on our forums too. You can get a wealth of free advice if you make a free account and post a fresh topic. The archives are quite extensive too, and the forums are split into individual rooms to cover the different models of Dyson. This is the only venue where our technicians give free advice. To visit our forums please >>Click Here<<.

For DC07 Owners:

  • Any and all repairs a Dyson DC07 is likely to need are covered in Angus Black's DC07 Workshop Manual. It costs only £4.99 plus delivery in the UK. If you are in the UK and want to order one, you can get one from >>This Page<<, if you are in the United States or elsewhere in the world, you can get one from >>This Page<<.

Dyson Medic:

  • If you have a DC01, DC02, DC04 or DC05, the original Dyson Medic site is for you. Dyson Medic is the oldest of the Dyson DIY sites and covers all the older models of machines. To visit Dyson Medic please >>Click Here<<.

The Dyson Medic Blog:

  • The recent incarnation of Dyson Medic is in the form of the Dyson Medic Blog. On the Dyson Medic blog, you will find repair guides, tricks and tips, reviews of machines, spare parts guides, and all manner of Dyson-related articles. To visit the Dyson Medic Blog please >>Click Here<<

Can I Get a Workshop Manual?

  • You can get the DC07 manual as mentioned on this page. 

Buy Dyson Spare Parts:

  • Now you have the resources to fix your Dyson yourself, you want to know where to go for spare parts. If you are in or near Manchester, you can visit our parts counter >>here<< and pick up whatever you need. If you prefer to shop online, you can do that with us >>here<<.

Given Up?

  • It's not unusual for someone to take their Dyson to bits and then struggle to put it back together again. Many people bring their machine into us when they have tried to fix it themselves and then given up. Don't be shy about bringing us a bin bag of components that were once your Dyson. If you have given up, and are in or near to Manchester, we'll fix it. Find out more by >>Clicking Here<<.